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9 JUN 2022

Swegreen invests in multi-functional robots

Swegreen is offering a digitized and automated vertical farming solution to retailers, restaurants and actors in the real estate branch. But when it comes to the company's vision and innovative nature, there is always room for improvement.

Minimize manual work

- Our portfolio of technology allows us to offer our customers the most productive in-store platform of the world, but additional investment in use of robotics could help us to deliver turn-key solutions with minimized amount of manual work and to increase our efficiency and productivity, says Sepehr Mousavi, Swegreen's Chief Innovation Officer.

Save costs

- We are already using automated functions in our hardware platforms which we are using in supermarkets and retail stores today. But this fall we will robotize some of our functions that are handled today by farm operators and complement our platform with multi-functional robots. Aside from further percision in our farm operator processes, this could save our client time, costs and help us to offer more effective production systems, mentions Marcus Petersson, Swegreen's Technical Executive.

Increase competence

- We have always been focused on realizing potentials that count as deeptech, we aim to increase our in-house automation competence, build on top of our academic collaborations and strengthen our B2B R&D to implement solutions that are on the edge and consist of the day's top-of-the-line technology, adds Sepehr Mousavi.